Recovery after vasectomy reversal surgery

The recovery period after vasectomy reversal is slightly longer than that after vasectomy. Generally, the pain and discomfort tends to be mild, and disappears within a few days.

After the vasectomy reversal surgery, the patient is required to stay in the hospital for a few hours until the effect of the anesthetic has worn off.

He is fitted with snug under-garments or a jock strap to support the scrotum. This scrotal support should be worn at all times for the next 6 weeks after vasectomy reversal surgery.

There is usually mild discomfort, swelling and discoloration in the scrotal area as a result of the surgery. The surgeon will prescribe a mild analgesic to relieve the pain. Ice packs over the scrotal area may also help. Antibiotics are not routinely prescribed after vasectomy reversal.

Bed rest is recommended for 48 hours after vasectomy reversal and the patient can go back to desk work after 2 days. Strenuous work, lifting heavy weights and sports should be avoided for 3 weeks following vasectomy reversal surgery.

It is advisable to wait for 3-4 weeks after vasectomy reversal before resuming any sexual activity.

It may take a few months for sperms to reappear in the ejaculate after vasectomy reversal. Typically, the urologist schedules a semen analysis 1-2 months after surgery and periodically thereafter. It may take 3-6 months for sperm count and motility to reach the normal range. Statistics show that most conceptions occur 12-24 months following vasectomy reversal.

Glossary of terms used in this page:

Anesthetic: Anesthetic is a drug which causes loss of sensation. Usually general anesthesia is used for vasectomy reversal surgery.

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